Future Plans

This is just a timeline of trail projects.  


              to do's

Completed Projects:

Graveled curve leaving campground  - Blake

Added a bunkroom to clubhouse - Jim L

Boarded up hole where wall fan was in clubhouse - Blake

erected trail sign at ranch entrance - Blake N Steve 

Switch the post and arrows so that the serengeti runs clockwise- Steve

 Construct trail sign at ranch entrance- Steve & Tanya 10-4-14

Built the bunkhouse Extension for sleeping - Jim Lercher 2014 

Create 1-2 miles of trail on the lower part of ranch.- Tanya, Steve  & Blake

Pulled flat surface rocks from creek for future trail armouring - Steve & Tanya

Creek Rock placed at bathtub and Northeast loop - Steve & Tanya

Install bike repair stand at clubhouse - Steve 12-24-15

Built Cane Creek Bikeway Ramp east of Ammonia pipeline Dec. 2015 (Steve, Tanya, Mike, Bruce Berkheimer, Ricky Davis)

Added a few water brakes between miles 8.5 and 10 - Steve 3/23/16

Added gravel to last red trail along edge of field mile 13.9 -Steve 3/23/16

Upgraded several of the cattle guard crossings - Steve 8/2019

Built hydraulic dump trailer for atv to haul shale and gravel - Steve 2019

Move several of the small sections of trail from edge of field into the woods - Steve 2019

Redo trailhead sign and check-In procedures 2019

install 5th cattle guard crossing on orange trail at New 80 cattle lane. Nov. 2019 Steve


Improved trail in cattle lane leaving the upper pond - July 2020 Steve

Move trail into the woods at the back of the Terras field - July 2020 Steve

Installed small berm entering upper pond area by Cabin - Steve Oct. 2020

Redo NE Loop  "Steve's Bridge" April 2023 - Tom, Jim, Conner, Bob, Kayla, Mike, Joe, Blake, Tinker, Mark, Steve