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Our Parents moved to the area in 1950 from Chicago. Working hard they bought up different parcels of land until ending with the current 550 acre ranch. The name BJ Ranch is surrounded in controversy. Dad says it stands for "Big Jim's Ranch" (his name) while mother insists on Betty Jean's Ranch (her name). Just know all us kids refer to it as BJ's Ranch. The ranch was once home to over 26,000 laying hens, 300 momma sows, and 90 beef cattle and yes, 15 children. Now the hogs and chickens are gone. The children are grown and the cattle graze peacefully.

History of Trails:

My wife and I have ridden bikes for many years. On one occasion we borrowed some mountain bikes and rode them around on the farm. There were a few existing 4 wheeler trails. We fell in love with our mountain bikes and wanted more trails. Little by little over the years we carved the current trail system and started inviting friends to ride with us. After getting out of the chicken and egg business the opportunity came to convert the one barn into a clubhouse/shop and restroom facilities. This has been a big hit for our trail members. During 2015-2019 the trails were shut down due to the construction of a crude oil pipeline through the trail system. The oil pipeline company didn't do anything to restore the trails.

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