Trail Info

The trails are marked using Yellow, Red, Orange, and Blue arrows. The yellow is the main route. The red sections are mainly just offshoots/loops off the main yellow trail. The blue arrows indicate a shortcut. Finally, the orange section is a short easy-terrain beginner trail with not much to see. Mileage post are approx. and are in reference to the entire course.(yellow + red) Each sibling has his/her name posted on a sign throughout the trail system hence the name Lercher 15 Trails.

The trails drain pretty well after rains. Any trail closures will be posted on the Facebook page and emailed to yearly members.

Trail Rating:

Technicality: The trails are not too technical. Most beginning level riders can ride the entire trail system without needing to walk their bike but just a few times. There are several cattleguard crossings, several small bridges, and a few tight turns and a couple of drops.

Endurance: The trails have many areas of climbing and descending as well as some flat, smooth and flowy areas. The trails do require a high level of endurance in order to complete the entire trail section. First timers might want to do just the yellow sections to get a feel for the terrain. Most red sections require additional climbing with some bonus downhills.  

Below is a map of the trails. You may download the map below the map image.

Yellow Route Approx. 12.5 Miles

Yellow   Red Route Approx. 15+ Miles

Blue = Shortcut

Orange = Beginner Trail = 1.75 miles.  This trail can sometimes be grown up in grass.

Unmapped Trail = 1.5 miles named for not being on the was an after thought!  LOL

Steve Lercher,
Apr 2, 2014, 5:02 AM