Fall Trail Days

Come out and enjoy the Lercher 15 Trails like never before.  Starting Friday at noon through 6:00pm Saturday.  Ride a little or ride a lot.  As long as you ride with a partner the trails will be open all night Friday.  The clubhouse will be open for a quick nap between laps...while your lights charge of course.  The goal is to have a group on the trail at all times.  Bring a camp chair and sit around the fire pit to welcome riders off & onto the trail/s.  
Who: All Mnt Bikers
What: 2 days of trail riding
When: Noon Friday until 6:00pm Saturday
Where: Lercher 15 Trails
Price: Free / We only need a signed waiver on file 

You may: tent camp in the clubhouse, in the field, throw a sleeping bag or cot down in the clubhouse, or just bring an RV.  

Food:  microwave it, fry it, grill it...just bring what you like.  

Fall Trail Days Registration