Trail Status
Lercher 15 Mountain Bike Trails Basic Info:

**NOTE:Trails are set to Re-Open October 12. 
All riders/trail users new & old will be required to sign new waivers before riding/using trails. There will still be some closed trails as well as some new re-routed sections. Please give us time to get everything back up to speed.  There is a new trailhead map showing where the pipeline went through. You might want to take a picture of it for reference.  Also, there should be some marking flags showing the way across the pipeline easement and helping keep you on the right path.   As time permits there will be rerouting where the pipeline went through.  I was hoping to have this completed before opening but our pipeline issues are not finalized.  Trail usage will be free until open enrollment starting in December.

Note:  If we get a large amount (2-3 inches) of rain within a 24 hour period give trails a day to drain after it stops.  During the thaw/freeze cycle ride when trails are frozen.   
NOTE:  The first part of short orange section is currently closed.
NOTE:  Deer Turkey Season Trail times:  Please respect the hunters in our family and stay off the trails before and after the times listed for the dates/times in the table below.  
 Deer Hunt Date   Trail Times Open to Bikers
  • Cost: The Lercher 15 Trails @ B.J. Ranch are a members only trail system.  This allows the Ranch to provide a safe and controlled setting.  Members may bring a guest @ a rate of $10/visit.  Guests must sign a one-time waiver.  Place guest fees in deposit box at trail head or pay using paypal. 
  • Trail Use: Mountain bicycles and Walking/Jogging only(no dogs allowed) HORSES: ONLY IMMEDIATE FAMILY
  • Facilities: Restrooms with hot showers, Breakroom, Picnic area with grill, 17+ miles of trails, Bike wash station
  • Night Rides: Scheduled during certain times of year; otherwise all trail users are to be off the trails 30 minutes after sunset nor before 30 minutes before sunrise.  
  • Address of Trails: 552 Shiloh Rd  McRae, AR (This is not the mailing address) Also, Google Map is a little off.  Look at the address #'s on mailboxes as you get close.
  • Trailhead Location: Upon arrival drive over the cattleguard and under the large wooden "BJ Ranch" sign.  The first barn you come to on your left after driving over the cattleguard has a red gate across the entrance.  Inside this barn is the biker clubhouse with restrooms.  Continue on the gravel driveway past the clubhouse and take the gravel drive between the two barns.  At the end of the barns and right in front of another barn is the trailhead sign.  Park to the right of this trailhead off the road.  Fill out necessary waiver forms and deposit into fee box.  Enjoy the trails.  
The trails are located on the private family-owned BJ Ranch.  This is a working cattle ranch so all livestock has the right of way. Please click About Us for a bit more history.

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Lercher 15 Trails at BJ Ranch