IMBA's Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day Oct.4th

Required Items to participate:
  • A working mountain bike with no mechanical issues (hand brakes are preferred)

  • A helmet

  • A signed waiver by Guardian (available from Mr. Lercher or at the trails)

  • A guardian must stay on the Lercher Ranch.  You may not drop them off or send them with someone else.  No Exceptions.

  • Some type of water to be taken on the bike. (water bottle or any type of hydration system )

  • Snack/s and possible sack lunch if you want
  • Fill out the Google register form below

The plan is to depart from the school via caravan at 9:00am.  After parking, restrooms, collecting waivers, and going over some simple rules to follow we should hit the trails by 9:30.  Hopefully, we will have enough adult riders to break up into groups of 5-10 kids/adult. Adults not wishing to ride may wait at trailhead or walk the trails.  After returning to the trailhead those who brought a lunch may sit down at the picnic tables and enjoy.  Return for a second lap if they wish.  

Course Options:  1) less than two mile easy loop  2) A 3 up to 5 mile course with bridge crossings.
Physical Address of Trails: 552 Shiloh Rd McRae, AR

Bicycle Safety Course Information

Parents the link below appears to be a very good bicycle safety course.    You will first need to register for free with the site and then you may begin with the safety course.

IMBA Take a Kid Mountain Biking